Earnestine Benford (EB)

Brand Strategist

Creating Breakthroughs, LLC is a start up with 25 years of experience! Earnestine Benford (EB) has made her mark in the world of marketing and marketing research.  

EB is a seasoned consumer marketer coupled with extensive domestic and global market research experience.  Because of this unique skill set she is known for developing and implementing initiatives that lead to solid strategy with specific actionable results.

 During her  25 year career she has held senior strategic positions with Fortune 100 companies including The Coca Cola Company, The Sara Lee Corporation and Disney Consumer Products. She has served as a consultant in the health and human service sector with Population Service International-Kenya and consumer goods giant Fleury Michon, France.  

EB is experienced in all elements of brand management including  strategy, segmentation, brand planning, traditional/digital consumer engagement. 

Crystal clear understanding of your customer is a core building block for success.  Therefore, the Market Research practice is built on the premise that the most importance voice is that of the customer. She focuses on Millennials because she sees the importance of having a strategy to engage the largest customer and workforce segment in the US and Globally.  EB recognizes that executing research online,  especially qualitative, is one of the most effective and efficient approaches to uncovering key insights with Millennials.    

She received her BA at Smith College in Northampton MA, went on to obtain her MBA in Finance from Washington University in St. Louis MO and trained as a moderator at Burke Institute in Cincinnati OH.  A life long interest in cultural diversity has led her to travel to over 20 countries.

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